Experimentalbüro e57 and vive la dictature! at UND#4 (Karlsruhe)

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1. Vive la dictature!
2. other projects displayed: Free University Frankfurt (The Murder case Kurt Cobain?, Interference patterns and art?), Transshopping, Information Bureau African Football)

Ablauf: szenerie von vive la dictature!

The artists involved are acting independently while they are connected with a managed context of structures and impulses, which sometimes serve as an operating system, an inspiration, a challenge, on one side, a display, stage, platform, or plot on the other.

Artists receive impulses from the plot, and/or from elements of different kinds (colors, objects, abstractions,metaphors) to make works to be presented and reappear in the plot (and in the exhibition).
They do not necessarily all know the entire context and its interpretations and they have the option to break with it, too.
Their 'answer' ('result') now puts a challenge to the interpreter(s) (, director(s), plot writer(s), catalyst(s)), who has to reinterpret the plot or even start new threads as result.

The interpreter has to reorganize 'viveladicture' as a coherent artwork, exhibition, play, room, space, a metamorphosis, discourse. However: so that it will not become just a collection of the results, but in itself a complex artwork with connections between the individual works, metaphorizing views on each other..
'Results' or 'answers' are not limited to any media or form and already include various forms of views, objects, installations, pictures, photos, videos, sound, characters (photos, objects, etc. that create, imply, or transport a character which then reappears in other works), abstractions, metaphors, a seminar, and - new threads that step out of the plot in part or whole and open new spaces.

context: the scenery of vive la dictature!

Vive la dictature! is a plot which sketches a world administered by a fictious clothing company.
This world is represented in an exhibition of the Experimental Bureau (and will have a different online representation, which still is under construction).
The plot is based around aspects of consume, cognition, dictatorship, choice, symbols, each with a continuing metamorphosis of functions and the plot in a continuing metamorphosis itself.

La dictature h+m is a fashion company which has grown by fusions and aquisitions into a economical, cultural and political (almost) monopoly. it communicates a philosophy of a benelovent family chief that creates and manages a world of beautiful things affordable for all (or many) and the omnipresent occupation of minds with choice between new and beautiful products.

There is a small rebellous group which feels unsettled by the idea of a configured mind and they try to undermine the systemn with subversive designs and destabilising actions. Still there is a rumour, source unknown, which says la dictature h+m itself uses that group to revitalise its inspirations.

the beautiful world is characterised by the colors and symbol of d (h+m): a heart, trademark of the company, in red between cherry and purpur on white.

some of the elements are 'characters', who enfold and develop and position themselves in the room to other objects and installations and aquire personality, represented a.o. by dolls, or in form of iconic pictures af actresses, or a dancer, etc.

conspicious is the abscence of plain male figures, the male seems encoded in figures like a begging rabbit, or in attitude or poses of the female inhabitants.

on a more abstract level an important element is a contradictoriness, parallel existing divergent conclusions from differing perspectives on the same which can not be allocated on a onedimensional level which the speculative plot seems to suggest in initial confrontation.

now: vive la dictature! at UND#4

The existing scenery of vive la dictature! as it has been arranged in the e57 is given to Jörg Obernolte as material for a new interpretation of the plot. He changes the underlying tone completely as he rebuilds the scenery.

The (superficially) idyllic and hyppy place, protected by the caring dictatorship of our fashion company as it had been arranged with the same elements by Ifuz Net in Frankfurt turns into a directly disturbing and destabilizing environment, in which the same characters and objects apear completely different.

Eva, iconic figure of the protagonists, who's famous picture with the begging rabbit is present in inumerous artistic forms in the interior of the original living space has been banned to the outside wall.



Her absence undermines the confidence of the inhabitants as does the sudden presence of an obviously male eye and various signs, which emerge from the playful fashion context as real threats.

The new interpretation can viewed as whole and by sub arrangements, consisting of objects involviong works by various artists involved.

Still the single works can be considered, while they seem a little downvalued by the character of the arrangements and by their compination with simple requisites.

The same charakters that experienced the world apparently happily, playfully and confident, seem now vulnerable and (mis)used. The seeming acting has become reacting, even in their own subjective perspective now.

Some have left the room for a place labelled 'Image from Krypton'. Others have tried to reintegrate in the new environment in the discourse.

The golden record players, which had been stage to the experimental plays of the inhabitants are now transformed into a kind of altar outside of the room, exposing clumps of gold and out of reach for the former 'one-moment-stars'.

central in the the room Jasmina Causevic dances her dictator choreography in the video by Jasmina, Ifuz and especially Lisa Feld.

With this Jörg Obernolte confronts now Ifuz Net, who has to add works by other participating artists by positioning them in relation to this scary scenery or modifying it.

So in the course of the UND#4 Andreas Diefenbach's work is moving into more and more central positions, as if a comprimed statement could be to find in it.

more videos with Eva / Rosibug Subversif, Ana Paula are shown as well.


A 3x4m giant rabbit by Natalie Wild from Bremen is threatening as a mutation of the once small begging rabbit to simply eat up the whole scenery. A news? A rumour?

At the same time a new child of this scenery is born, which will later become a role model of underrated early orientations in another world:

The mysterious figure is sorting the room in a new way and seems to conduct the decomposition.

'Labelfucked' by Isabel Ott, too, increasingly appears to act, but seems to be 'chosen' as ally by Stewie Griffin who desires to conduct her behaviour.

The works of Ghökan Erdogan are presented in the seperat section (see below). They are linked to vive la dictature! as well as to the interference pattern project of FUFF.


Experimentalbüro e57 at UND#4 (Karlsruhe): other projects shown

The other projects were exhibited a little separated from the main vive la dictature! area.

At the entrace to the e57 area Heinz Brillof shocks the visitors with his claim in the Kurt Cobain case (see below).

1. Freie Universität Frankfurt

The experiment Free University Frankfurt was shown with results from two study groups:

1a. FUFF: The murder case Kurt Cobain?

The death of Kurt Cobain has triggered, what else would you expect, the inevitable conspiracy theory. Murder not suicide is suspected to have forced the status change for the rockstar industry product in 1994.

As a study/research group associated with FUFF an investigation board has formed to cross-examine the question 'the murder cas Kurt Cobain?' from two perspectives:

Besides the collection and questioning of facts and derived conclusions there is an artistic perspective which examines the case metaphorically. One important string is different artists titling their works 'I killed Kurt Cobain'.

At the UND#4 some facts and summaries were presented and a couple of the 'I Killed Kurt Cobain' titled works.

Jörg Obernolte 'I killed Kurt Cobain' storybook + some more

FUFF->The murder of Kurt Cobain ->
Isabel Ott 'I killed Kurt Cobain'

Heinz Brillof, one of Isabel Ott's famous Wolpertingers is heavily suspected of the crime after his spectacular self accusation:

1b. FUFF: interference patterns, double-slit-experiment and art?

A research project which develops and exchanges techniques to apply interference patterns in real and later metaphorically.

works by Ifuz Net a.o. from the group using various techniques.

Exposed the works of Ghoekan Erdogan. He had received images (/ characters) from the vive la dictature! context, which he focussed and worked out with intereference patterns and his far developed great grinding techniques.

2. Transshopping

A segment with examples and descriptions to Transshopping, the well noticed shopping experiment.
More informations http://www.transshopping.org

3. Information Bureau African Football

A little highlight was the probably first public viewing of a live streamed important football game from Africa (Côte d'Ivoire) on an European art fair.
Especially intense then the final of 'CHAN' (African Nations Championship), which itself was introduced with a spectacular breathtaking football dance performance.


other picts:





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impressions from the viveladictature! world as idyllic as it had been build in Frankfurt (as arranged by Ifuz Net)